Feb 28, 2008

AAPL - Long

Missed a nice short entry in WNR (4/15 - a little late getting everything together today) that moved downward nicely. Took a long entry in AAPL off the 10-min chart after the 10:30 bar closed strong above the 10 and 15-min ORH. As usual, I managed the exit off the 15-min chart. Paritialed out on a break of the 1pm bar low and sold the rest right below $32.

Didn't really see much else today.


anarco said...

We traded this one very similarly! I like the way you used the 10 min charts. Take a look at my trade with the 5min chart.

OONR7 said...

anarco: you traded that beautifully man. Nice job. I'm looking back at my charts right now and realized the first 5-min of data was all messed up. Just backfilled all my stocks and it I show some other nice setups off the 5-min... such as CCL (10:30 bar).

anarco said...

Thanks oonr7!
I really hate when the charting software does work properly ... Anyway, nothing wrong with an UP day :-)

TraderAm said...

Hello oonr7

Nice trade in AAPL. I was also watching WNR, but didn't see the 15/4 set up that you mentioned ? Just curious as to how you saw it.

OONR7 said...

traderam: the 4th bar on the 15 left a very long upper tail (and a small lower one as well, which I don't like). However, the open and close were within the previous bar and it closed up which is a quasi 'dummy' entry (although it needs to be more narrow). In my comments with anarco, you'll see I had chart problems with the 5-min data. I backfilled WNR again and it presented a much better setup on the 5-min chart (10:30). It was quite beautiful and I'm pissed about the data issue.