Feb 7, 2008

WMS... I wish

I managed another 6 point gain off a short of the ES early this morning. The gain was a bit of a double-edged sword as it put me in a position of only wanting to take 'great' setups in equities. I wish I would've taken WMS as it had an overwhelming amount of good qualities. My only concern was that my entry bar was below the ORH coming off a steady downtrend. The next bar would have been a nice entry as well but it was outside of my rules and I wasn't in the mood to start straying.


QQQBall said...

i cuddnt get going this morning. i should have jus tgone back to bed... i didnt have any feeling of anticpation.

bl said...

I noticed some good 10" charts with mostly IB breaks at 2-4/10": pcle emkr hubg xide it mksi cme(!) ener ww jblu lh mco elnk. Feed back? Not many shorts: pru scss spc chux spir. Deja vu Tom C and Victoria's Box(who was she anyway, really?) Some nice reversals with spwr coal group. I'm really beginning to think go with strong groups and reversals but jury out. I need to focus on gaps first and losing my interest in shorts for the moment but yesterday with cme. wow!!