Feb 4, 2008

How 'bout them Giants??

No, I'm not a Giants nor Patriots fan but there is one channel here in Paris that carries North American sports and I stayed up to watch the game. Why?? Well, I figured it would be an historic game no matter what the outcome. If the Patriots win they'll just add to their dynasty and, of course, attain the perfect season. If the Giants win, well... they would've beaten the most prolific offense in NFL history.
While I'm blurry eyed as I write this, I still can't believe Manning didn't get sacked during that play and the receiver actually caught the ball. Just an amazing play. One that I'm so glad I watched live (on TV).

And, come on, did you really want to win: Brady - Mr. GQ, 3-time Super Bowl winner, who bangs a supermodel after dumping his pregnant girlfriend but still comes across as squeaky clean or Eli - the pimple-popping QB with the 'gosh darnit' attitude who just doesn't seem to fit in the dog-eat-dog world of New York City? If you weren't rooting for Eli you most likely use the term 'wicked' throughout the day.

Congrats to the Giants!


LP said...

As a Philadelphian, I hate the Giants but I hate the Patriots more. I was hoping for 0 - 0 tie into the 5 overtime and God coming down a declaring the entire season null and void.

However, since my dreams didn't come through. I'm happing Bellicheat isn't 19 - 0. Mostly because I'm convinced they cheated their way to three superbowls. Actually I'm more upset I froze my ass of in Jacksonville to watch the Eagles lose. Yes I'm a bit bitter.

But there was something strange about watching the Gints...yes the Gints....their defense looked like the Eagles defense of old. So I enjoyed watching Mr. GQ get dropped.

As Dave Chappelle's character Silky Johnson would say "Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate...."

Dave said...

True Dynasties don't lose Superbowls and btw the most prolific offense ever was developed by the real genius Bill Walsh (and greatest coach ever).

Take your pick: 84, 88, 89, or 94 Niners.

And can all these obnoxious comparisons between Joe Montana and Tom Brady stop already? I mean I like Brady, but Montana doesn't lose Superbowls.

hrgreen said...


How do you know about "wicked" are you a baystata? Im from Worcesta and no matta what name they go by the Boston Pats always sucked...

Now I live in ALBANY NY and the GIANTS summa camp here....

wicked cool

OONR7 said...

dave - there's was no bigger 49er fan than myself... and it all started with 'catch'. I never compared Brady to Montana (and I agree with your view on ole Joe) but you can't take away how great of a team the Pats are (and were during their 3 other Super Bowls). If not for Manning's Miracle, the Pats would have their 4th title today.

hrgreen: I had a co-worker who was from Boston and I loved her colorful language so much that we actually put together a book of 'special words' that only a New Englander would recognize.