Feb 9, 2008

One trade

Went long ER2 for a 1.3 point loss. Took my signal and it went against me. Didn't see any stocks that looked good enough for an entry.


bl said...

Looking at 10" charts IB's first 15minutes >$15 : eog2 nfg2 uvv6 mfe7 exm2 vnus2 lz5. 5/7 hit almost hit 1.38. aapl3 amzn3. CSTR2 for a loss and not a good 2/10 candle. Scottrade scan

bl said...

Add: coals open reversal. golds and shippers gapped up=premkt Briefing news. Pretty interesting! I remember all that Investors Business Daily/O'Neil group theory and how they all fly togethor. Coals 52 wk most % according to Mkt Watch: 13 names