Dec 16, 2008

Chop, chop

Got chopped to bits trading off the 5-min charts all day. Finally took a breather at 1pm and decided to wait for the FED decision. Glad I did. Entered NQ e-mini at around 2:17 and within 5 minutes made everything back and then some. Then, did a kinda bonehead move and went long GG without any kind of entry point... it crossed over $31 and I entered. Price bombed right after entry and I just stuck with it (yes, giving back everything I gained from NQ and putting me back in the whole again). I had faith that the rate cut would have folks investing in gold as the dollar's value is gonna get whacked. Price came all the way back up but I sold at $31.23 for a modest profit. Pulled another one out of my you-know-what but I had the right plan.

Sorry... no chart, no screenshots because I've got no time. Packing and heading off early in the morning. Take care and I hope to trade on Thursday in the morning. 


anarco said...

Have a safe trip!
Let me know if you make it to the west coast.

Attitude Trader said...

Definitely! That FOMC move in the mini's was great if you were on the right side.

Take care,


bl said...

URE, FAZ on a day like this at 2:22
est when fomc is over... a gimme.
Safe trip!

bl said...

FAS, that is.