Dec 4, 2008

Tough day

I was profitable but the positions I entered just didn't stick. The market seemed to lack direction until late in the day and by that time I was out. Entered AMZN long and APH and CS short. AMZN was the only one that provided decent returns the rest were breakeven.


TraderAm said...

I would venture an opinion that I don't think you are doing as bad as your post titles seem to suggest:-)

A $1 gain on the day is a good profit in anyone's book.

bl said...

After seeing many of the retailers reverse-as with the mkt in general-
I redid my retailers page and wow from the get go: PSS ANN BKE JCG JWN. 23% of my Commodities page were greater than -10% down, or 70/310! I'll look at this again. For me it's easier than using a scan...they just appear.

OONR7 said...

traderam: I was a bit flustered trying to come up with a title yesterday. While I did have a $1 gainer, given the spread size of my entry I couldn't grab a ton of shares. Not complaining but I could've done a better job yesterday. Are you getting the feeling like I'm just never satisfied? :)