Dec 22, 2008

Trade - 12/22/08

Didn't think I would (or want to) trade today but I had some time in the morning so I thought I'd fire up my scans and see what develops. PRU set up nice off the 5-min chart and I went short off a break of the 10:45 bar low after price kept finding the PDL as strong resistance. I didn't have the whole day to trade and actually needed to leave at 12:10 or so and that's when I dumped all my shares. Wish I knew how to place IB orders to sell 15 minutes or so before the end of the day. Got to read up on that.

A decent day with a nice entry and a good run. While I hate missing the runs... I do like seeing the stocks I enter do well.


TraderAm said...

Nice trade.

IB > There is a time order called "Good After Time&Date" or something similiar.

Let me know if you figure out how it works, as I would find that useful as well.


Tyler said...


Great job! That trade looks perfect on the 15 MIN, 5 MIN, and the 1 MIN. I have really been working on trend alignment on all timeframes before I enter a trade and wish I would have seen this one.

I know you are in the US now, so if you find yourself unlucky enough to be in Jacksonville, FL let me know.


Anonymous said...

AZO broke the UTL on the daily by gapping below it. PB to the 38.2% X=fibbo retrace and went traight down to the ORL.

ROS on the prior day had everyone leaning long. lots of sellers & retraced off appx 50% fibbo retace.


OONR7 said...

Tyler: very interesting point regarding those multiple moving averages. I've been looking at the 34ema on the faster timeframes.

OONR7 said...

tyler: I would certainly take you up on your offer if I was in the neighborhood. Thanks.

Michael said...

You might find this feature on IB very usefull in the future: the Market-On-Close order.

A Market-on-Close (MOC) order is a market order that is submitted to execute as close to the closing price as possible.

You will find more details here:

Thanks for this trade!