Jun 22, 2007

Watchlists... the perfect gift?

Remember when you were a kid on Christmas day... you woke up, ran to the Christmas tree and started tearing into your presents? That feeling, right as you were opening the present - you know - "what can it be???... hot wheels?... new Intellivision game?... remote control car?... Battlestar Gallactica action figure set???" Then, as you tore open the wrapping paper your anxious smile now turned to one of sheer disappointment after finding out all you got was... a pair of pants.
Some days the markets give me a pair of pants... some days a kick ass racing car set with dual remote controls.


Jamie said...

Friday summer doldrums. I love watching paint dry. Without the watchlist, the whole day would have been a scratch. TASR break of 10:30 NR7 bar had to be scratched. THE (from the watchlist) short on break or ORL was a winner.

OONR7 said...

My scanner was out this morning so I just used the top gainers and losers and ended up well. Took RGC for a nice and easy trade. Nice work with THE.

Bigfish said...


Man......I really like how you "sum" things up. Sometimes I think you are reading my mind! You just can't sum up trading days in the market any better than what you just did! That is exactly how it feels to me.
And it is a great Christmas morning all over again today(6-25, monday). I love it when everywhere you look you find decent setups. Sometimes it is rough having to decide which ones you think are the best ones out of all of the picks available!
Keep up the good work and "Merry Christmas" to you!(I hope all your setups today were the best presents ever!)