Sep 24, 2008

Decent day

When I have a decent day but left a lot of profits I always try to look at the big picture. Which is... when you make a decent amount of money... an amount that if you calculate over the course of a year would lead to a good salary - that's when you know you've done well.
My day will come when my big winners will be fully realized... but it wasn't today. However, I was 4 for 4 today (although 2 of those were partial winners with stops moved to breakeven).
SQNM did well although this is the winner that wasn't fully realized as I exited at the fib. ext. Also traded PXD, INFY and ERTS.


bl said...

NR7 Good deal! LT learning curve with a LT profit curve. I'm trying "another" scan: +/-8% 20k first 30 min(+/-10% eod): sqnm vrtx len ucbh alj ener ewbc spf ipcs//ppc(rest of packers)hees josb ctrn nct ten cno jrcc ras gnw gu abk mrx dptr artc uaua cit lcc osk. Shortens the list or just go longs, shorts. Could have just shorted airlines!

Jamie said...

Nice work, congrats!

SQNM a big winner here too.

TraderAm said...

Nice trading.
I totally ignored sqnm as it gapped above 20%....that will teach me :-)

bl said...

Check out FNM FRE... .25 a few days ago. $2 today

OONR7 said...

jamie: thanks... but you absolutely crushed it. Congrats.

bl: fnm, fre sure do make sense from a long term perspective.

traderam: I honestly didn't realize the huge gap. The chart pattern looked very nice with some good looking candles. I also looked at the 3-min chart to see if there was support at the 20ema.

bl said...

NR7, For me I just plain and simple forgot about it but it's not LEH, it has assets and $35k(.35was the low 17Sep) investment would be $200k 1week later!! Sometimes looking just at gaps, or any strategy, can blank out other possibilites that have far greater returns. Now that's some serious money.

OONR7 said...

bl: gotta try to master one strategy at a time.