Sep 17, 2008

No trades

Very short watchlist and there was nothing that made me want to enter. Well... FXI but IB didn't have a lot of shares.


bl said...

I had 74 premkt +/- 4% stocks and took the top pm vol stocks(as am determined to have a small WL: aig ms wb sndk c wm ge gs bac mer, and jpm. Put them on 5 min charts but changed platforms as might data freeze. I scalped 4 long all for profit. Better had I stayed with the 10 charts Elite platform. I feel comfortable with 10-12 premkt charts by vol and charting up before open, or % at the open and chart up. I redid my ETF page for big days like this. DGP +25% airlines -11% SKF EEV FXP. At eod I had 28 stocks >-15% >500k vol $5-20. Not a bad screen to look into. It will all come togethor!

QQQBall said...

Big Day at the casino.. sold GG a little early, but hit CEF & GOLD right. larger port was up solidly (for a change).

OONR7 said...

bl: I may look into the pre-market volume movers and create a seperate watchlist for those. Although my current WL process is pretty streamlined and typically provides for the right amount of candidates given the market circumstances.

qqqball: sweet!!!! I completely forget to look into gold stocks the past two days.

Guess we should look to short them should the market bounce back in a strong way???