Sep 19, 2008

No trades III

Once again, the opening range with most of my WL candidates were exceeded. Ended up watching 3 stocks: MER, AGO and OTTR but didn't feel comfortable with any entry. Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

what you mean by OR exceeded. You have 15 min or 30 min OR?

ralph said...

Same with me today. I had +400 gaps. I felt today was the day. Instead after my first 1/2 hour review, I was left with less than 15 stocks, and none look appetizing. However, there is always next week. But then again can't short +700 financial stocks.

Enjoy the weekend, and hope the sky don't fall!.

Tyler said...


What were you looking for in AGO? Have a good weekend and good luck next week.


QQQBall said...

traded KOL off the Trader X .382 fibbo retrace. didnt ride it all the way up, partially b/c its a slow mover with dime price spread. im beginning to really trust these set-up... i like PBs, mayb its the Scotsman in me :)

these set-ups are doubley reliable if the PB coincides with a gap close or area of prior support. SRS almost did it on a gap down.

best thing i did was take 3 months off of work... i knew i was burnt out, but now i feel almost human again.

bl said...

I had 203 stocks >+/-4% premkt. Time for etf's: UYG 4/30" or TWM 2/15". Traded AIG at fib retracement 3.40 and 2.70 as swing trade. Sold 1/2 covered call Oct4 at .55 way early(high 2.05!). Wish had bot more. GNW 3,4/30". Might be time to go long financials...until Oct

OONR7 said...

anon: For gap ups... if the ORL is exceeded I remove from my list. Vice versa for gap downs.

ralph: I also felt like I was going to finally get into some nice positions yesterday... but very erratic.

qqqball: nice KOL pick... didn't make my list.

bl: at least you got your trade on.

OONR7 said...

tyler: wasn't looking at AGO for any other reason other than it was still in my WL and price had not fallen below the ORL.

bl said...

I think your better off with etf's with big gap days with large WL to go thru. Check out Friday's interesting 15,30" charts: dig ewz kil eem fxi uwm kbe uwm fxi eev dug srs.