Sep 6, 2008

Friday trades

All shorts... tried TJX off a break of the 10am bar (3-min), sold some at 1R and then exited at breakeven. Tried again off a break of the 11:15 bar and was stopped out. Also shorted ANF off a break of the 1:15 bar (15-min) but was stopped out after revising my stop. Not a horrible loss on the day.


bl said...

Watch for reversal days. Groups: fin dealers banks...all along with sp 4/30. ANF -5/15 -2,6/30 TJX +3 4/30. Covered my Jun naz100 short th eod for a ice gain. Maybe Oct lows reversal??

OONR7 said...

nice going bl. Friday definitely felt like a reversal day but I was just letting the charts tell me what to do.