Sep 30, 2008

One trade

Went long DPS on the 12pm bar high but was stopped out. The risk was low enough to take a shot. Didn't work out and that was it. These up and down days are really throwing me off. However, with everything the market's been up to I was happy to have a good September. 


Anonymous said...

PGH - im long from yesterday still... almost added on the PB near the 38.2% Trader X fibbo...there was a long spike bar down early and a later dip - if i take that later dip as yesterdays low then the Fibbo was there at the gap close too (working from memory)... should have added but since i was already long i passed. sold another from yesterday on a pop, so it wasnt a total waste. i need to see if i should ignore any weird spikes down in setting the fibbo parameters.


Anonymous said...

almost forgot:

GFI - 3-minute chart.. had a 3PP actually 4 PP set-up and ran to like 1.19... i dont know why i didnt take the trade...

i like the 3-min rather than the 1-min on the 3 PP plays.


bl said...

Well all right. HIG-neg news down down down