Jan 27, 2009

66% not good enough

2/3 of my trades today were winners. But... I still lost money. That's because I was chopped around a bit with my winners and the loser was a full stop. Traded CHKP, MCK and CNX (the rat bastard loser). 


Greytrader said...

No more 5MA ?

OONR7 said...

not for entries. I enter based on the info you see on the charts. Once I'm in, I switch to another view to look at the 5-ema and pivot areas.

Anonymous said...

funny how different people see different things. I also took MCK, but an aggressive entry of the 6th candle. It hit 45 nicely and I left some to run, but got stopped out on the pb that you have entered just after. It is a pity I didn't even look at it after my trade to see the setup you've entered upon.

Anonymous said...

Hey OONR7, I have 1 more question for ya. I remembered that you used to explore some other time frames than the 5/15mins. I was wondering if you were having any special difficulties with the 10mins?

OONR7 said...

fir3ant: great entry with MCK. Nice narrow range, inside bar. I'm sure you were looking at how price would react to the ORH after your entry. As for the 10-min chart. I didn't have any difficulties except I just couldn't effectively manage so many different timeframes.

niki said...

in month i take everything out at 1R.
in that way i pay less commission and stay profit
if you not sure about get the second half to 3R take everything