Jan 22, 2009

Fleeting success

I'm feeling pretty good now that I'm narrowing my entries to particular setups. I missed AFL (9:55/5-min) as it was too early and wavered on JEC (10:20/5) because of the long lower tails prior to entry. I ended up short ADBE twice (stopped out the first time) and the second entry worked out well but price moved against me before hitting the fib. ext. 

I then wanted to short SNE off a break of the 11am (:15 chart) bar low but price never triggered my order. However, I forgot I still had my order in and it was triggered during the 11:30 bar. After looking at the 11:15 bar and seeing it was a NR, inside bar below the ORL, I decided to stay in the trade but manage my exit really tight. Made some money on it... but, like ADBE - price went against me. Also traded ETP but was stopped out.


Anonymous said...

today i invoked all your schemes and look..


i say wow!

Tyler said...


Congrats! It is good to see some winners. I am also trying to focus on a couple of setups in particular and it seems to be working better for me.


anarco said...

Congrats OONR7!!!
It is great to have you setups defined. I am also working on that.

Anonymous said...

I also traded SNE - off the 10mins.
Then spotted CNH, but couldn't short it (wasn't available), so of course it went all day long 8R. Also traded DE twice. Successfully first time and then got smacked on the afternoon stupid rally.

bl said...

SPY SNE ADBE all broke 4/15.

Anonymous said...


have you tracked the probabilities of shorting after a little hammer formed?


OONR7 said...

qqqball: haven't tracked anything beyond about 3 weeks ago. I like the logic however. Also, I like my trigger bar to be very convincing.