Jan 12, 2009

Boring and frustrating

Made such a boneheaded move today in my NQ e-mini trade that I'm still fuming. Long story short, I got a great short entry and I went to go move my stop but, instead, I placed a Market order and took myself out of the trade completely. 

So, I made money but price continued to drop a considerable distance. Compound that gaff with the stupid DE and AEM trades and that makes for one disappointed trader. I was able to find another NQ entry late in the day to make me feel better. 

Yeah, poor me. I know, I can feel the compassion oozing through the broadband connection. Hey anon... f you! 


QQQBall said...

well, at least we now know for sure that you are human... recently, i was trying to sell some YRCW at 4.xx and i was asking below the bid to sweep a bunch of shares(early trade - like first 5 minutes).... WTH, no fill & my order has been sitting there? just as i call the broker to complain, i see that my trade is at 14.xx, not 4.xx... you know what happened from there, right? ;) my excuse is im on the west coast ;)

Jamie said...

Fat finger fuck up. I did a similar gaff last week.

PDT said...

Ha.. I've done stupid errors like that before... Glad im not the only one

I have an important question though.

My nuts itch. Catch I scratch them real quick?

bl said...

N7, know the feeling. Some group action: de cnh joyg bucy//hig met pru lnc

OONR7 said...

qqq: maybe a move to the east coast is in order :)

Jamie: FFF... love that term. Sucks though.

pdt: Nut are good. Thanks for asking. LMAO

bl: had some of those guys in my WL.

Anonymous said...

NR&, just curious. Have you ever traded the French or European markets as you are over there? I suspect they might not be as liquid as the US. Just wondering.

And such languge from WSW.....LOL!

Formerly ADD Trader

OONR7 said...

at: haven't traded the foreign markets strictly because of the commissions. One way trips are crazy expensive and I'd never be able to scale out. Plus, I haven't 'figured out' the US market so I don't want to even look into the others.
Yeah... I think that was Jamie's evil twin.