Jan 28, 2009

Fist full of hair

I was thinking this would be a good day as, statistically speaking... I was bound to have a good one after two lackluster performances. And things were pretty good. But my best trade of the day, GD, turned on me and, trying to be the good trader and practice good money management, I let those profits slip away. I was lucky to have scaled out at 3R to have some kind of saving grace. The rest of the trades had promise but never materialized.

F-U trades: GD*, NEM, BBY
Brick wall trades: FXI, AET**

*GD could also qualify has a brick wall trade.
**Rat bastard. Stuck around for over an hour with nothing happening, exited and then the stock moved.


Anonymous said...

hey OO what's going on??
bought 30.2
sold 30.22?
why trade then??

TraderAm said...

Still a profitable day though ? So that is ok.

bl said...

OO, Sorry to hear. I have a WL of 1000 and 14%>10% gain and >$2 gain. Easy for me deal with on Scottrade. First 5 min:mtg
fitb stt wfc zion lnc met c hban rgs cit pnc sti gs nue hbc

Quentin said...

keep up the good work. Your blog is full of fresh ideas.

OONR7 said...

anon: put the crack pipe down. I have no idea what you're talking about at the price you listed. I did get out of AET at BE after the trade went absolutely nowhere for more than an hour.

traderam: yes, profitable and I'm happy. But I hate seeing very good profit (close to 3R) slip away.

quentin: thanks buddy. How you been? Are you in Dubai?

Stay.Together said...

wow, you sell and cover in 10 to 15 minutes, that's fast action. you normally do it that fast?