Jan 9, 2009

No trades

I was at my computer for only limited amounts of time today. Didn't see anything that stuck out at me. 
Have a good weekend.


StockHunter said...

QT scanner - Don't know if anyone has noticed that already, but QT has taken a step up. TD Ameritrade has a tool called Advanced Analyzer which is great for EOD (end of day) scans. It has a lot of built in scans (candle formation, oscillators, etc) and an option to build your own costume scanners.
Well, today I've realized that this scanner was added into QT.
Just go to the main menu-->>Tools-->>Advanced Screener (EOD) and Voila!!!

Anonymous said...

stock hunter, that is useless.

bl said...

5 min open +scan: palm ammd lwsn cbi

OONR7 said...

SH: thanks for the info. I didn't know they incorporated that into QT. I will give it a look.

anon: did I bang your mother in the past? That would be the only reason why you're a douche and leave completely useless comments. Comment moderation back on. BTW... send your mom my regards and I wish her continued success during the 12-step program.

OONR7 said...

anon: if you're not the same anon that's been posting douche comments... my apologies :)

TraderAm said...

QT scanner ..yes I think it was in the release notes. As far as I am aware it's an eod scanner only > so I didn't look into it as I only currently scan once market is open.

But if you base your watchlist on daily charts and patterns then it could be of value.

StockHunter said...

I'm a big fan of TD Ameritrade's free tools!
I use the Strategy Desk for real time/Intraday scans for my gapper list and for a few other setups I look for.
In order to get a smaller database to work on (instead of using the whole spectrum of stocks existing), I scan once a week with the Advanced Analyzer (EOD) for stocks over $10 with more than 750K avg vol to give me about 1500-2000 stocks to work on. This way, the Strategy Desk doesn't take too long to go over the whole data base and pop up results.

the only con I found with the QT's scanner Vs the original Advanced Analyzer is that it limits the total number of results to 500. In the AA, it is possible to get limitless results. I couldn't find where to do it on the QT (yet...).

quickturtle said...

I think it's a good scanner. It has a feature where you trade the .50-1.00 range once the market opens.
Plus, as mentioned before you can customize it , so it is actually a pretty flexible scanner , imo.