Jan 14, 2009

Bitch slapped

So many bad trades today, I don't even know where to begin. So I won't. This trading day is officially over. Pretty sure DT, X, TraderAM, Tyler and Anarco made some money so you may want to check with them till I get my act together.


Anonymous said...

come on OO..take it easy.
If it makes you feel better, i lost today all my gains made in the last month.

bl said...

Completely disect how you trade: your strategy, emotional level, etc. Rehearse what you do before you do it, during, and after. And does it work? No, step back and observe. Reevaluate it. Neg BG news(and a beaut of a chart for the reversal), oil dn, C news. I put up a 2-40 commodity chart WL(5/15), and just put on the scroll up and down, 4 charts a page with emas/candles no fib, s or r levels. If the candle formation looks good then go for it. I'm seeing the open moving real fast if you wait too long for a set up you'll get stopped out. I love the slides: look at MGM the only casino that opened higher than the close and swoosh. Bad retail means no one going to L$s Vegas. Cause and effect.