Feb 24, 2009


Went long HD (11am bar high, :10)... stopped out.

Went long MVL (10:30 bar high, :10)... stopped out.
Went long MRVL (10:35 bar high, :05)... breakeven.
Shorted NVS (10:10 bar low, :05)... stopped out.

A sorry day. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

SSRI short
ABX short


JF David said...

The market in this ugly bear environment is like sheep herd, there’s no leadership at all. No matter the earnings, bad or good news or the sector, rarely a stock is able to break free easily. In a very healthy market, stocks are able to break north or south without care of the whole market behaviour. ORBO on gapers are less reliable now and flexibility of trading setup is key to survive this environment.

Simply my opinion

bl said...

5 min open gap up: rmbs pwr mvl rcl
onxx jwn. no trades but good scan. 12pm financial, coal b/o. Gold stocks sell off at open!