Feb 18, 2009

Tuesday's trades

A losing day... but it didn't have to be. I think I was just getting back into a groove and had a natural sense of skepticism with regards to my setups. Got stopped out of MT and AEE. Missed good entries with COP and MS.


Anonymous said...

dude that was thursday..
AEE worked but late in the day.
I made quick scalp n ABX midday.
Also, ANR short midday.

Overall 6R (compared to traderram woeful 1R/day)

Greytrader said...

You mean Tuesday's trades... :-)

OONR7 said...

anon: congrats... maybe since there's no detail. What's up with you and Traderam?

grey: oh yeah... oops.

bl said...

OO7, why not chart up the fert WL group: pot mos agu cf(or coals or metals) and watch for trends and reversals. Airline news was neg and check it out: uaua amr dal cal. What more could you ask for. I'm just observing, but developing.

TraderAm said...

I have some anon people who are not liking my average of 1R a day current streak :-) Market seems difficult at the moment so i am not trading much....can't please all readers all the time...lol

OONR7 said...

ta: I'm not liking your consistent, profitable, 1R a day trades either :)