Feb 10, 2009

Two down

Three more days to go. Actually, I may not trade tomorrow. Anyways... another crappy day as far as seizing opportunity as there was only one that fit my plan. AFG (brick wall) did well at first and I thought I might be able to pull out around 4R but then it just fell flat. I managed to scale out at 2R and make this a profitable day. That was the only trade... on the long side too. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

host of opportunities::
short CXW
short HIG
CTSP was a small gainer
DRYS in the afternoon

made 6R..4 days worth of traderam's work..hoho

Anonymous said...

hey bud,
a quick question for ya.
I've noticed that sometime you consider the 5min ORH/L as you range but at other occasions you use the 15mins ORH/L (even though trading on the 5mins).
Can you explain?

OONR7 said...

anon: when, where and why did you enter? Otherwise, I call bullshit.

fir: I use the :15 ORH/L for all my trades... no matter what the timeframe.

Anonymous said...

oh, cool. My bad.