Feb 5, 2009

Tricky day

In the end profitable but a lot left on the table. Took 4 trades all-in-all and V proved to be the breadwinner today. Now, when I entered V, the candle I entered on had closed positive and much closer to the high than what is shown on the chart. There were some weird spikes going on late in the day and I cleared the chart and then backfilled it again. After backfilling, I noticed my entry bar was negative and, if it's indeed correct, I would not have entered there. Even so, my entry bar was not the strongest and as I was waiting for the setup, I noticed the wild swings in price. So, I set my high/low entry spread to be the low of the 12:05 bar and the high of the entry bar. This helped tremendously as I would've been stopped out of the trade had I used the low of the entry bar.

I know this is long-winded but the bottomline is that sometimes making slight changes can help put the odds more in your favor. Luck also helps.

FU trade: AKAM
Brickwall trades: BBT, DLB
Hangin' out trade: V


TraderAm said...

Nice trade on V. As you said on my blog, shame that DLB didn't fulfil on it's promise.

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Anonymous said...

wow. my shorts in KIM & WU reversed due to market reversal & losses for me. I am confident these would have made money in normal market.
V made dough as well DLTR short & USO long.
Even stevens.

QQQBall said...

NR007... today & i believe on some of your past trades, a partial and the 1.19 extension might have provided profitable? X used to takes partials there at time i think?

didnt trade today - client lunch...

Rudy said...

FU trades, Hangin' Out trades, sounds too erotic for such a family oriented blog. Sure, you are not taking a walk on the wild side? lol

OONR7 said...

rudy: lol... it's really code words for the illegal prostitution ring I'm running over here.

OONR7 said...

qqq: that's some good stuff to consider. I've tested a lot of the fib. levels out and you can probably make an argument to partial at a lot of them. I'm trying to let the chart tell me. Yeah, I can hear charts.