Feb 6, 2009

Friday's trades

Nothing worked today as there was absolutely no follow through. Traded JPM, POT, MT and NUE. Had a minor loss between JPM and POT combined and was BE with MT and NUE. All the trades moved at least 1R - which is a good sign - but completely stalled.

This was still a good week for me and was just short of reaching my pre-determined goal. Looking forward to having the same success next week.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

what is that goal?
i had a nice day.
VRSN long
WY long
FAS long

MDT & MCRL short lost me some chump change

Overall 4R day

bl said...

Banks were the place to be: 10% of my 1350 WL >10% mostly financials: fitb bac mi....go with the flow(95% under $20=more bang for the buck). 7% of WL >$2 gain

OONR7 said...

anon: the goal is a pre-determined monetary amount that I want to hit every week. It will stay the same for the rest of the month.
Where did you enter with your trades and what was the rationale?

fir3ant said...

Good job bud! I, on the other hand, had the shittiest week (my fault of course). However, i managed to end it on a good note, which is always positive and encouraging.
I've spotted many setups, but since my confidence level is currently below zero, i took only two of them and also mismanaged them. But a gain is a gain and I'm happy.
Took CSX off the 5th and BBL (it could have been BHP as well) off the 9th.
Have a nice weekend.