Feb 23, 2009

Monday's trade

Once again... not much going on for me today. Lots of action but not finding the setups I want. Did find a good 'hangin' out' setup in WLP. Shorted off a break of the 10:50 bar low. Scaled out at 2R and was then stopped out at BE. Had high hopes because it was such a nice looking setup but it just didn't happen.



TraderAm said...

Still a green day, so that's good. A bit unfortunate that WLP didn't carry on trending down (like a lot of other stocks which had gapped down).

bl said...

HUM popped up as a surpire premkt. I was tempted to pull up healthcare WL: ci uhm hs mgln aet cvh hnt moh cyh uam hnt. Wish I did