Oct 24, 2007

Birthday over trading

It was my son's birthday today and a traditional way of celebrating birthdays in Paris is to have the party on a Wednesday afternoon since pre-schoolers only go half day these days. So, we picked a really nice place and invited his class. However, another tradition over here is to just drop your kid(s) off at the party and then come and pick them up when it's over.
Twelve kids, two adults... candy and cake. Needless to say... it was a pretty damn stressful afternoon. But, my son had a blast and that's all that counts!!!
I saw a lot of nice setups today. ASIA and LM in particular had great inside nr7 entries off the 15-min chart.


QQQBall said...

GOOD STUFF - HAPPY B-DAY to mini-007!

ABK & CFC short

DISH & CEC long

GLW small contra-trend scalps - twice.

Jamie said...


Joyeux anniversaire à ton petit fils!

greytrader said...


petit fils is grandson :-)
Is oonr7 that old ?

OONR7 said...

jamie... I know what you meant!!! Thank you.

gt: 80 is the new 40, isn't it?

greytrader said...

Yeah, it is all the the head.

Hope you caught a piece of AET, my only trade today.

Jamie said...

LOL, Sorry, no offense intended. I wasn't paying attention.

GT, Not impossible to be a grandfather in your 40s, but 80s is more in line with great grandfathers I think.

greytrader said...

My guess is oonr7 is under 40 :-)

OONR7 said...

gt: you guessed correctly. And no, I didn't catch AET, but congrats to you. Looked like AMZN from the other day.