Oct 25, 2007

FFIV - Short

So, looks like my new 'work schedule' will go something like this:

Monday: Trade up till 11:15 and after 1pm
Tuesday: Trade after 11:15
Wednesday: Trade all day
Thursday: Trade up till 11:15 and after 1pm
Friday: Hoping to trade all day, but possibly after 11:15

My nanny quit on Monday and I've had to scramble to pick my kids from school this week. Then, they start a two week vacation on Monday (gotta love the French and all their time off). Finding a replacement nanny is not something we look forward to so we're trying to work this out.

On to today... but the time I had to leave my computer, I was only in FFIV. Here's the trade:

  • Wide range opening bars with subsequent narrowing bars on lower volume
  • Price stayed in the lower half of the 15-min OR
  • Entered short on a break of the 5th bar low which was an inside NR7
  • Had to leave by 11:15 so I placed a buy limit order at 35 along with my usual stop order. Just trying to protect profits while I'm away and capitalize on a move down if I wasn't there
  • Everything worked out well and I walked away with a nice gain


QQQBall said...

thats like my schedule, except that two to four times a month im outta the office all day. it makes it harder to stay patient & discilpined

Jamie said...

Congrats on FFIV! Was looking to short it yesterday but didn't quite get the setup I wanted. Much better today.

Jerry said...

Hope your kids behave while you are trading.

bl said...

Nice with ffiv. Alot of semi's went down with it: lrcx. cmi nice short chart. Hope the new sched works. Trading in Europe with American sounds challenging.