Oct 23, 2007

Personal issues

Been dealing with some 'issues' that may cause me to miss trading the first couple of hours in the morning a few days a week. I'll still be able to put together a watchlist till about 10am but then won't be back to my computer till 11:15 or so. Bummer, but at least there's afternoon trading which I haven't really looked at. This could end up being a good thing. Not sure if this is a permanent thing yet... we'll see.
As for today... sorry, couldn't trade. If I did, AMZN was a monster. There were 5 NR7 bars in a row leading up to the big jump. There was a nice OONR7 entry on the 1pm bar right at the intraday 38% fib. level on increased volume (which was an entry signal if I ever saw one considering the price contraction of the previous bars).


QQQBall said...

im here for the first 1/2 hour and then im out for +/-1 hour. it really makes it tough. i can look for bounces at 1.1618 extensions such as CSUN today, or PB to OR high or opening price and Trader-X type B&B fibbo PBs. really makes it difficult to get in the flow. late-day breaks above 1.382 fibbo extensions are also playable

shorted VCLK -.08
shorted VSEO (or sumtin like that) BE
long LMC - out BE when it was just sitting.

the play i really missed was CSUn and TXN didnt pop-up on my scans?

just really wasnt in the flow today and i was here all day.

Anonymous said...

i know bud.. i also started doing part time work after daytrades were taking me nowhere.
look at the brighter side. you have gauranteed income.

jason said...

Anon: Your personal failure to profit is not correlated to the success or failure of the trading population at large (which you imply). Well, actually I take that statement back; your losses have in part funded the gains of those who are more savvy than yourself. And for that I thank you.