Oct 15, 2007

New stuff

Been trying out some new things and today didn't seem to be a very rewarding day. I was in UNG right below the ORH (10-min chart) but then got stopped out (small risk size). It then proceeded to move up. Also saw a lot of countergap trades. Hope everyone did well.


QQQBall said...

i had good entry on ABD, but i closed the trade too early. it went down to within .01 of the fib extension!

C was an easy trade, but i tried to get greedy and didnt get entry.

i played TSL from a gapfill bounce, but got greedy. i think Chipotle might have been a decent counter trend play.

had a another small trade that went positive, but overll slight down day.

this was one of those days when i really wasnt seeing the market; the exact opposite of friday.

OONR7 said...

qqq: great trading.

QQQBall said...

overall, today wasnt great as i got a little greedy on a couple of positions. C would have made the day. i looked at the ABD trade and thought "just trust the system", but it was like watching paint dry and i was worried it would go against me. i was risking about .15 for a greater than 3:1 profit, but i closed it fo a marginal gain.

i was thinking that the result today is a lot better than "babd" or "frustrating" days in the past.

i looked over alot of Trader-X stuff this weekend and its just amazing that he could hit at 80% winners.

bl said...

NR7, I liked UNG at the touch of the 5ema 6 or 7/15". I don't use the 10" charts though I do see sets ups from time to time. Best chart I saw from Briefing's WL: frpt edu...even ba!

OONR7 said...

qqqball: some days are like that. Trust your system!!

bl: I really like the 10-min charts. Oftentimes, there are great entries on the 10 that aren't on the 15. Also, the 10 is a bit slower and more reliable than the 5-min charts.