Mar 19, 2008

ADBE - Long; NG - Short

This was about as close to a perfect trading day as I've had in a long while. I entered the trades that made sense to me... skipped the ones I was worried about and exited my positions exactly where I wanted (near fib. ext) and in a relatively short amount of time. Off to play Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) with my son.


Trader A said...

nice trade on ADBE, it was even better on the 15min entry.

my working ones were AEM 10min and KGC 10min - both very good setups OR'wise, candlewise and EMA5wise.

the failing ones were CMO 15 and AGP 15

OONR7 said...

tradera: nice work. I also took AEM and exited at S2.

TraderAm said...

Good work oonr.

Yes it was a nice day to trade, Ienjoyed it as well. I missed ADBE, but had some good results with KGC, TCK, WERN (all 15mins).