Mar 7, 2008

TS - Short

Been having problems with lately so most of my candidates have been through IB and/or the gap list. I spent about an hour on the phone with prophet last night telling them I was fed up with their issues.
If any of you are paid subscribers and an issue arises... you need to call to complain or things never get resolved. I kept telling them that their products/scanner features haven't changed for years so I can never understand why their scanners crap out from time to time.
As for today's trading, I placed a stop-limit order in BOOM (11/5) but price blew by it. I did go short TS off a break of the 7th bar low (:15) which closed nicely below the ORL. Exited at the fib. ext. Also shorted CIG but ended up losing latte money. Overall, I'm happy with the week... especially knowing that I missed a lot of very good trades. Have a good weekend.


Hammer Trader said...

nice trade OO.

TraderAm said...

Nice trade on TS.
Good pattern on the 15min tf. Must have missed that one when compiling my watchlist.

Anonymous said...

OO u r having issues with stock softwares. May i suggest you use Esignal instead of QT etc

OONR7 said...

anon: QT is fine, the data's iffy. It's all resolved for now... I signed up for as a backup.

Dave said...

I ended up taking BOOM, but I actually closed it after a quick drop. In hindsight I shouldn't have taken that trade. The spreads on BOOM were about 10 cents, which are far too wide for a stock trading in the 30s.