Mar 11, 2008

A lot of work

I made 7 trades today and you would think that with as many trades I'd have more to show. While I feel fortunate to be profitable (as I do every time I am) I really felt like I worked for every penny today. In a way... that's a good thing. I made the trades that I wanted to make and whether I made a lot of money or not - that's how I should be trading. I've spoken before about aspiring to have the 'perfect trading day' where I take every opportunity that presents itself and execute flawlessly. I personally feel that's within my reach... but not every day and not this day. Too tired for charts but here's a summary:

HUM, APOL (twice), AGP

Chopped up:

Overall, I felt a sense of relief in the market today. The bulls made a statement. Let's see how this works out for the rest of the week.


bl said...

Well, a 400 pt day deserves alot of work, but you weren't going to go long again, were you. :) Just as I was trying a new set up proceedure(after open), it back fired, too much work, and I went back to simple basics: premkt scan using TI and Briefing with 12 Top Volume (>4% price, or 1.5 pts up/dn,$6-100, and Group Focus as reflected by news. Today it was Financials: long/reverse/reverse, and Health. Unbelievable health charts(14 on my page, all short!!) Financials too LEH rallied 2.5 pts in a premkt 1/2 hr. Unreal. I scalped after ditching my set up. Days like today ProShares can take the overwhelmedness out, imo. Best!

QQQBall said...

any one hit CI? i noticed the health care sector too n downsid... kinda like solars on the upside recently.