Mar 28, 2008

Thursday's trade

Another iffy day for a gap trader like myself. I managed to make some very quick cash off of LDK (10-min) after seeing 2 inside bars with the 3rd bar (NR) closing above R1. The stock moved quickly at the start of the 4th bar and I decided to quickly adjust my position size and place a market order instead of my usual limit order. Had some major slippage but everything worked out as price moved to R2 which is where I sold all my shares.
After that there wasn't much going on. I missed a nice entry in JASO off the 5-min chart (10:50) cause I was eating shit and IMing a buddy of mine at the time. Really hate when I get distracted like that... but it's my own fault.
On another note... Trader Eyal posted his result from the Van Tharp trading test. I found some the questions difficult to answer as both options could apply to me depending on the circumstances. But overall the results were pretty interesting:


bl said...

Sympathy plays with APOL: dv stra
cpla coco ceco

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add esi