Mar 18, 2008

AINV - Long

Inside NR7 trigger bar closing strong right above the ORH... nuff said. Missed KEX off the 10-min which bothered me.


Tom T. said... scan was useless. I did not try to run my scans after 10 am. I figure I should have results within 15 minutes of start of trading and lately I get no results by that time - I cannot complain too much because I cancelled my membership and use the free scan.

OONR7 said...

I should complain as I'm still a silver member. I really like their scan when it's working... but despise them when it's not. At least you're not paying. I ended up using IB's gap scanners. The plan may be to just use IB's results and possibly cancel prophet.

Scott said...

What do you guys think of Trade Idea's scanner?

bl said...

If your Scottrade it's free. My premkt >$1.5 or 4% gap TI turned up 26 e/d >10%, the Briefing list turned up 27, and together 37. 12 Most vol TI premkt turned up:leh(46%) bsc gs yhoo mf bac wm mer ms jpm wb cof. A good TI or Briefing, combination, or just vol. How many does one need. TI has alot of different scan options, and you might want to go to their blog site

Anonymous said...


Just curious how do you use IB for gap scan. I use IB too and I don't see they have gap scans. Thanks.


OONR7 said...

scott: I've used Tradeideas in the past but I stopped my subscription. I have to say that I didn't use their scanner and primarily used them to notify me of bullish/bearish patterns. Couldn't justify the cost as I was scanning my charts constantly.

anon: I don't have TWS up right now, but under the market scanner there's a scan that says 'Top % change from previous close - gainers' and there's one for losers as well. I just scan stocks with a $5 minimum price and 150000 in volume. Usually run that at 9:45 or so.