Mar 12, 2008

KLAC - Short

Not a whole heck of a lot of options today.

KLAC - Short

Entry: 11:30 bar low, 10-min chart

Exit: Just above the fib. ext. (1:30 bar)


Hammer Trader said...

Interesting, I was looking at the same stock but on 5 minutes chart, similar time to enter the trade, but I have to leave the desk for the rest of the day so didn't pull the trigger.
Nice trade OO.

bl said...

Some of the financials(banks, brokers) just reversed all over the place: bsc leh wb cit $xbd $bkx xlf

Trader A said...

hi oo
i took ALK short 30min/4th bar, and then some more at the 30min/7th bar ( thats an "A" grade setup) unfortunately i lack the patience and got out way early (14:00/30min bar).
stick to your plan easier said than done..

Trader A said...

remember i talked about my thing that i do that i place my hand on the screen - and block all the bars after the entry bar? well, i just noticed that Ugly made a very nice trick based on the same idea on his "a-dummy-a-day" posts - take a look.