Mar 10, 2008

ARO, SSRI - Short

Not sure I'll ever go long again on a stock.
ARO (5-min)
Entry: 10:30 bar low
Exit: Fib. ext.

SSRI (15-min)
Entry: 10:45 bar low
Exit: 12:15 bar high
Comment: Wish I would have partialed or fully exited sooner.

Also got stopped out of GG. Entered after it found support from S2, not sure I should do that.


chartguy said...

Just wondering, could you talk about your reasoning for entering on the 10:45 bar low? I generally like to see a break of the OR. Thanks

OONR7 said...

chartguy: I assume you're talking about SSRI. My data has the ORL at 34.77 and my entry candle close is 34.76. I also like it closing below the ORL.

QQQBall said...

tough day amigo. i tried to catch a couple of knives to get long for swings. bad, bad idea.

nothing worse than trading poorly, then working my biz. its odd, but i trade 10x better when i dont work & just focus on trading.

1. better focus
2. cant afford to lose any dough

Anonymous said...

qqqball, time has come to quit your work and plunge into trading.
if you can make net positive profits each week consistently, all you have to do is take leverage and voila, u will make nice $$$$ each wk

bl said...

I hear ya. I did the same with LEH thinking well we gotta turna aroundhere! Not!
Trend is down. At least I could have traded with the trend. How absolutely stupid!, Basically the market turned down 3/15". Plan the the plan.

OONR7 said...

qqqball, bl: anticipating is the hardest thing to do. Stick with the charts and the signals. QQQball - it's just one day ;)