May 15, 2009

Friday's trades

Leaving to dinner now as nothing looks remotely promising in my WL. The day did start with a lot of promise as I was long AGU and IBN. AGU ended at BE as I entered off a break of the 10am bar (:10) high. It was a pretty wide bar and the two long upper tails that preceeded made me set my stop to BE once the stock moved. 

With IBN, I entered off a break of the 10:15 bar high. Things looked good but couldn't get past the 24 level (which was my 1R area). Sold half at BE and the rest when price closed below the 5ema (11:30 bar). 

Still ended the week up so that's something to be happy about. Other than that... this week sucked. Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Pl was a nice gapper

Anonymous said...

FUQI was looking like a big runner on that afternoon break but the market took it down.