May 18, 2009

Monday's trades

Considering the strength in the overall market from the get go... I figured there would be a bunch of opportunities. Not the case and the ones I did enter went flat. A very curious day indeed.

Went long BHI (10:10, :10) and KWK (11:15, :15). I exited half my shares of BHI after it just wiggled around and was stopped for a full loss on KWK (luckly my risk wasn't that high). 
Today is done... bring on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yup. weird day. I messed up SLT as it went up thru my alert level too fast and i cussed & cussed.
IBN shorted below 30 to breakeven :)

Anonymous said...

Also, about my post on SLT, i don't show my position to MMs as many times it goes thru even though the prices are still short of my limit prices..wondering if others have had same experience.

fir3ant said...

Went long VWO 5/15 - needed a LOT of patience (something that unfortunately don't have)- it eventually went about 5R but all I got out of it is about 1.5R :(
Went short RTN off the 6/15 - the FE was at about 1R away but it eventually went 2R's.
Had plenty of others that I was watching and hesitated and they went nuts.
My main problem now is that on my good days, i am not able to capitalize and then I have a couple of bad days that ruin everything...

bl said...

Alot of positive news premkt can clue one in on possible rally in sectors:finance, : BAC upgrade by gs, LEN u/g, housing numbers Tues, FAS, URE, ZION . Those exp oils many times don't move. GMXR CRZO DIOD EWBC FUQI. Try the nasdaq only. You only need a 6-12, or 4 stock WL, not 25 or fifty to get lost in, and get 'em early. I have a 550 Naz WL, take the top % with 100k or so, first 10 min and chart up. See what happens. Esp on a bullish opening, of course can reverse. But if keep having new highs you're on to something. Fewer the better. Look at ZION, if say you pick 1, on a 30min x 10 day chart for spt/rst, 10 min chart to get in!

Anonymous said...

Got snagged on TTM today. I have not had a lot of luck with long plays lately. Sucks when you don't make money on a day like today.