May 26, 2009

Tuesday's (lack of) trades

Nothing happening. Market opened down... all my stocks gapped back up leaving not a lot candidates to work with. A bummer considering I've had 4 days off and was itching to get back to trading. But it will have to wait until tomorrow (hopefully).


Kat Bay said...

Well done, at least you had the foresight not to trade.

bl said...

Mother of All Reversals: keep an eye on TNA/TZA. Only 13 stocks(>$5) of my 1750 WL >% than TNA, EOD!. ZION 2/15 for coffee, UTHR 7/15 be. AAPL upgraded(to 180!) 130Jun calls doubled, YGE NTAP and more upgraded. Many green opening sticks as I plod my charts up only to see it has already happened. GOOG +news 400Jun doubled. What the hey big dollar movers.

Anonymous said...

Traded UTHR (10:15 5min bar) but it didn't get the mo.


Anonymous said...

There were quite a few good setups today if you dared to look a bit beyond the gap n go regular setups.
I managed to trade TMO off the 7/15 for a nice gain (however, as almost usual, it only was good to off set other crappy trades and I finished the day b/e).
Look at URS 7/15 (missed) too or at those that AM traded.

bl said...

I think it does pay to see what the economic calendar is for the day: -Housing premkt, +Consumer Confidence after open. Ping pong between the two. What's Wed calendar? 10est ext'g Home Sales(if + mkt up, imo)