May 21, 2009

Thursday's trades

Another bad day. Shorted PETM, DE, HPQ and VALE. Only DE managed to get near 1R and I sold half my shares at BE. I probably shouldn't have entered HPQ but there were some NR opportunities at the ORL. 

I will be taking tomorrow off for a short weekend trip. Hopefully next week will bring better results. Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Managed to take EMR off the 5/10. Held it till 14:18 and gave up... Minute later it tanked for a (missed) homerun.
Also traded BNI (5/15) and RTN (6/15) but got stopped out at b/e after they went a bit more than 1R and i didn't take any profits.

Anonymous said...

agree w/ you. Terrible day. Choppy.
I somehow managed to break even.

TSRA: looked good but a disaster
CSC: another dud
NTES: looked good but too late

Anonymous said...

Shorted break of 10:10 bar on MDR. Held it too long and ended break even. Enjoy your holiday.


Anonymous said...

Didn't find much either.
I like that EMR set up fir3ant.
BEC (2/15) was OK.


LP said...

Hi 00nr7,

I've added you to my blog list hope its ok. Thanks!