May 31, 2009

Missed trades - WO 5/25

This may or may not be a new weekend feature on the blog. I suppose it depends on the number of missed trades :)
It happens to us all the time, right? You see a trade in your watchlist but there may be one thing you don't like and you just can't pull the trigger. It always seems those trades end up doing well while you're stuck in a pig. I'm trying to drastically cut down on my 'passed' trades. It's my belief that while some of these 'passed' trades will indeed fail - the majority of them will do well and outweigh the risks/losses.
The following are trades I passed on for one reason or another (actually, I missed MICC because it wasn't in my WL that day. I made some changes to try to include gappers that don't take off immediately. And I missed APOL because I was at the French Open). Both those trades would have made my week (or month at this point).


TraderAm said...

Good idea to do this sort of analysis. I do something similar (or try to) where I review charts of all my watchlist after market close to see what I have missed and what I passed on.

Does help even if I have a bad day as I can see setups which did work. Adds a bit to the confidence to know that the strategy is ok.

Also provides info on how many total setups are occurring in general. For past month or two this number has definitely got smaller IMO.

P.S > What happened to Nadal? I thought he might lose one grand slam this year. Never imagined it would be the French Open.

OONR7 said...

I think Nadal just underestimated Soderling. And... Soderling played just about as well as anyone can play against Rafa. I'm gonna guess he gets smoked in his next match. Federer has his chance now, despite not being able to win against the better clay player in Rafa.