May 14, 2009

Thursday's trade

Not a lot of action today. Just took one trade... CA. Went long off a break of the 11:10 bar high (:10). Things looked good but the 18.50 level just could not hold as support. Sold when price closed below the 5ema.


Anonymous said...

IB scan didnot print CA, Where did you get that?

OONR7 said...

anon: it appeared in my IB scan.

Anonymous said...

this market is tough to trade..(since almost mid 2008)
i had RMBS (just like CA) but the sucker dithered for a while so i bailed out w/ some loss. And lo and behold it went up late in the day.
BSX play was a badset up. I though i would be lucky. Not.

Anonymous said...

i have an idea. You,traderram & others can start tweeter in real time and we all can come up w/ our picks. This way we all help each other in realtime. Also since it is not a chat situation, it is not intrusive & works well.

OONR7 said...

anon: I did open up a twitter account over a year ago with that intention but never followed through. Just not sure it's something I want to commit to.

Man, what's up with all the anon comments????

TraderAm said...

It's a bit like good setups these days...anonymous.

bl said...

Facts: EOD stocks >+8% 300k= 42
47% $4-10 33% 10-20 12% >20
29% naz 61% ny
12% open gap >1% !!!!
47%>10%(gain) $10-20
23% gap >1% in $10-20 range
52% adv>1m
31%(of 42) from Trade Ideas Most%volitility list
64% from TI w/adv1m
My first thought: $10-20, group rotation, beta TI WL , adv>1m keep it simple

greytrader said...

Which back fill are you using these days ? CA would not back fill with TD... Had to use IB.

Anonymous said...

Went long TRA on a break of the 10:40 10 minute candle. Sold it way to early 3 bars later. Target should have been the R3 pivot point. Also shorted SPTN on a break below the 10:20 10 minute bar low and placed my stop a tick above the 10:10 bar high. Covered went it bounced off of S2 and broke the 8SMA at 12:30.


fozzking said...

did you see tndm today? it was printing nr7's on the 5,10,15. i can't believe i missed something so freakin' easy. i got scared when i saw a spread of .10 or so, and then the spread tightened up but i am new to the game and couldn't pull the trigger. i got spooked! i didn't trade CA because the risk/reward didn't seem to be good enough for me. where was it going, +.30 or so to 18.55? where was your stop? i usually risk a .25 so it wouldn't have worked for me.

TL said...

Good trading!

I am posting so that you are not talking to 3 anonymous people :)

OONR7 said...

traderam: lol, just found it odd to have so many anon posts.

bl: thanks for the facts, Jack.

gt: yeah, I had to use IB to backfill.

paul: nice catch with TRA.

fozz: TNDM was on my WL but I removed once it started trading against the gap. Yes, CA wasn't a huge R maker but my risk was .09 based on the high/low of my entry candle and the fib. ext. was 18.71 (PDL or ORH of the :30). So, I was looking at possibly making .37 or about 4R. With .09 entry spread, I could afford to buy more shares with my same usual risk.

tl: thanks for breaking things up :)

bl said...

I had many down gaps that faded, MBI for one. Bullish sign?