May 7, 2009

Thursday's trades

Tough going today as a lot of stocks faded the gap and it is not something I focus on. Shorted T and EXPD. With T, I entered off a break of the 10:50 bar low (:10) and it quickly stopped me out. I really didn't like the first 3 WR bars but I still took the trade anyway. I then shorted EXPD off a break of the 11am bar (:15). Price moved nicely to the ORL (which was also my 1R target), but then bounced back up. I happened to look at the past 3 days and noticed was a strong pivot/support area at $34 and I moved my stop to BE.
I passed a long opportunity in CXW off a break of the 10:30 bar high. Would have netted a nice profit with the ORH as my target.

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bl said...

NR, I still think your getting into these trades too late, also 3 wb down bars is is a finished short=high risk. CECO 3/10" SYMC 3/10"(wed ah eps) EDZ long at the get go. nice to have the wl pre open. no pos