May 19, 2009

Tuesday's trades

Another choppy day. Took two trades, MT and UYM. Made some dinner money with MT and BE with UYM. 

I thought they were both pretty solid entries but nothing really happened afterwards. Lots of candidates in my WL but not a lot of good setups. 


Anonymous said...

Bought ITRI on a break of the 10:10bar and sold it way to early 5 bars later. This would've been a great play to scale the stop just under the 8 MA. Also shorted INFY on a break of the 10:40 candle but it went nowhere.


bl said...

Yo, how about most expensive % stock screen: itri 2/30 snda 5/30& nice calls.
Premkt >+8% $4-15 2k: solf klic prgn crme onty egle ej sks. Neg home news: short zion bac. 110Jan call POT bot 2 wks ago almost doubled but I sold way soon. Silly me